Top 25+ Missing School Days Quotes 2023

Missing school days quotes: Everyone’s childhood is spent in school. There is a different madness to going to school in childhood, but as we grow up, the desire to go to school decreases, because there is no desire to study, but to play with friends.

Childhood days are still remembered, especially those school days which we miss today, remembering the school days, it seems that, once in school, see how my school looks like today.

Today we have grown up but I still want to go to school. I still miss those school friends and having fun with them in school. I think that I must meet my school friends and pay a school visit to refresh our memories.

Friends, after reading the article on school days memories quotes that we have written today, your memories of school days will also be refreshed and a slight smile will surely come on your face.

Missing school days memories quotes

“I still remember my school days, which are close to my heart.”

“School days are such that no matter how big a person you become, you remember them.”

“School days are such that everyone thinks about the present, who thinks about the future.”

“The laziness of going to school and the joy of coming home from school used to make the day.”

“If homework was not done, the teacher used to shout, then we were afraid of the teacher, today we do not get to see him.”

“School memories still teach us that life should be lived like childhood.”

Missing school days quotes

“When I remember my school days then I get a different happiness, it seems as if I am still there.”

“It used to be so good to laugh and play when we were in school, today no one has time to talk.”

“How much the world has changed today, but that journey from school days till today cannot be forgotten even by forgetting.”

“When I could not understand sorrow or pain, I still remember the same days in school.”

“School days are such that it is certain that we will be beaten every day.”

“The memories of school are still in my heart, that’s why I am still waiting for someone.”

Quotes on school memories with friends

“It is impossible to forget school friends who are remembered even today.”

“I still remember playing football with my friends on the school ground in the rain, where there were no rules.”

“In school, when one was punished, had to stand outside the class, then all my friends stood outside with me.”

“Visiting each other’s house and celebrating their birthdays, that too without any hindrance, all this used to happen during school only.”

“Even today I remember those friends who remember me even today because school friends always remain close to the heart.”

“During school, friends used to come home and take them to play. Today all my friends are busy with their work.”

Missing my school days quotes

“When there was a fight between a friend and someone else, all the friends used to support each other and settle the dispute.”

“School life is a memorable moment, which will always remain in the heart.”

“I have fond memories of many people but school memories are the best of them all.”

“Climbing trees unnecessarily and getting scolded by the teacher was my most different experience.”

“I didn’t understand anything then, but I still remember the fun of school.”

“Even in school, there is a crush of our own, which is known to everyone, today it is not even known.”

Unforgettable school days memories quotes 

“Whenever I remember the things of school, I remember my love, who has just got married.”

“School memories have become a dream today, which I still want to live.”

“Today you can forget your love, but you can never forget your school friends.”

“Even though time has passed, the memories of the school are still fresh, and I miss every moment.”

“We can get cheated only by our girlfriends, but school friends will always love us.”

“Not everyone remembers the memories of the school, but the one who remembers includes everyone in his WhatsApp group.”


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