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Zindagi quotes in English: Life is a very beautiful word, but for some, it is full of sorrow and for some, it is full of happiness, everyone gets life only once, only a few know how to live it, the rest waste their lives. 

We only want happiness in life, but have you ever thought that life is a journey that you have come here on earth to do, in which you will have to face difficulties, which will teach you how to live life?

If you want to improve your life, then you have to go through all those difficult paths which you do not want at all, but it is also true that, until you do not go through difficult paths, good paths do not enjoy.

Friends, the life quotes that we have written today can bring a new dawn in our lives, which will be fun to live and feel, so from today you make a good start to your life by reading this article completely.

Best Zindagi quotes in English


“Life is just a journey, which has to reach its destination by going through all the difficulties.”

“There’s no way to live life,

Life is yours no matter how you live it.”

“Stop living in the past, learn to live in the present, because your future is in your hands.”

“If you want to do something in life, then stop being afraid of yourself, because the one who is afraid of himself cannot do anything in life.”

“It is in your hands to make your life easy, nothing will be achieved if you rely on luck.”

“Life doesn’t come again and again, only once.

That’s why it should be lived openly.”

“Don’t waste your life unnecessarily, aim to do something in life.”

“The fun of living life will come when you become the source of someone else’s happiness.”

Love you Zindagi quotes in English

“If someone tells you that you are my life, then that person truly loves you.”

“When you start loving yourself, there will be no one in this world to break your heart.”

“Life gives everyone only one chance to do something, now it’s up to you how you make life better.”

“You may have faced many difficulties in life but life has taught you to face difficulties.”

“It is wise to move with the times if you want to do anything in life.”

Dear Zindagi quotes in English

“If you have the knowledge gained from the book and the lessons learned in life, then you can do anything in life.”

“If you can help someone in life, then definitely do it, because if you share small happiness in life then life will be full of peace.”

“It depends on you what you want to become in life, that’s why it is better if you take your own decisions in life.”

“Learn to live life on your own, because if you live your life on your own then you will be proud of yourself.”

“Be capable in life, success will knock at your door.”

Zindagi motivational quotes in English

“Life teaches you a lot, you just have to be prepared.”

“Take the decisions of your life yourself, because your fight is with yourself.”

“Only your goal can make your life, so move towards your goal and work hard to achieve it.”

“If you want to show something different in life, then first make yourself different, so that your thinking is different from others.”

“Your better thinking only makes your life better, that’s why think good about yourself and others.”

Zindagi quotes in English for Instagram 

“Be content with what life has given us because that will always keep you happy.”

“Don’t waste your life for one person because the world is very big and good people too.”

“Live your life freely because you are also a bird without wings.”

“Happiness and sadness will keep coming in life, ignore it, and do what you feel is right.”

“Love your parents the most in life, because today no one belongs to anyone except your parents.”



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