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Sangeet captions for Instagram: Whenever you are alone, some thoughts keep coming into your mind, which means your mind does not remain stable, it remains distracted, but whenever you listen to sangeet, your mind remains relaxed and your mind also remains stable.

You must have seen that there is a function of sangeet in a wedding, then only after listening to the sangeet, the urge to dance arises in your mind and you get ready to dance, even take photos while dancing.

Today we have written sangeet captions and quotes for you, which can help you give captions to the photos taken in your sangeet functions so that your photos will get the right captions.

Sangeet captions for Instagram

  • My soul also starts dancing to the music, it is happy inside.

  • Sangeet fills love in two hearts and brings them closer to each other.

  • Love is hidden in the sangeet, just need to find it.

  • The smile that comes on the face after listening to sangeet is called relaxation.

  • In sangeet, not only dancing and sing, but sangeet also has an emotion hidden in it.

  • On listening to sangeet, one feels like dancing, and hands and feet start moving on their own.

  • Sangeet can make anyone cry and can make anyone laugh.

Captions for Sangeet


  • Sangeet is only a means of meeting love with love.

  • To sing a sangeet in someone’s memory means to remember him from the heart.

  • Sangeet is the only way to explain something without speaking

  • Sangeet makes everyone dance, you cannot run away from it.

  • I love dancing in a wedding sangeet with friends, it is a different feeling.

Sangeet quotes for Instagram 

  • “I like sangeet because I like to dance on sangeet.”

  • “Sangeet takes me from one world to another when I listen to it.”

  • “Sangeet and I have a deep bond, we are crazy about each other.”

  • “I get so lost in sangeet that then I don’t want anyone, I am lost in the love of sangeet.”

  • “You can feel your love just by listening to sangeet.”

  • “Sometimes even a patient gets cured after listening to sangeet.”

Dance on Sangeet captions


  • We all family members dance as soon as the sangeet of love is played.

  • Sangeet can be felt and love can be remembered.

  • Dancing on my favorite sangeet with my friend at her wedding.

  • I was tired of dancing, the sangeet was so much fun that I could not stop myself from dancing.

  • The sangeet kept playing and I danced late into the night with my family members.

Captions for Sangeet function 

  • I never miss the function of the sangeet in everyone’s marriage because marriage is incomplete without a sangeet.

  • Whatever the function, there should be a sangeet, sangeet doubles the fun of that function.

  • If there is a sangeet function in a marriage and there is a beautiful girl in front of you, then it is bound to ask her for a dance.

  • When a song touches my heart, I keep that song in my heart and never forget it.

  • Today I remembered my girlfriend after listening to this beautiful sangeet.


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