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Friends, it is the festival of Diwali, so it is necessary to write articles for diya captions for Instagram, that’s why today we have written this article on the occasion of Diwali, which will also put the lights of diyas on your Instagram account.

You all know that the diya is a symbol of peace and in India, lamps are lit daily in every house, and today it is Diwali, then lighting diyas during the festival of Diwali means filling the whole country with light.

I say this Diwali, light diyas in every house and those whose houses are not lit, light a loving lamp in their house also, bring happiness to their face and celebrate this Diwali in the same way.

Diwali diya captions for Instagram

  • Come on the festival of Diwali, everyone lights the lamp and celebrates Diwali with pomp.

  • This Diwali, buy only earthen lamps and bring happiness to the face of the person who sells earthen lamps.

  • Where there is darkness, light a lamp and celebrate Diwali full of light.

  • When the lamp is lit, it spreads the light, its name is Diwali.

  • It is Diwali and if the lamp is not lit, how will you celebrate Diwali?

Short Instagram captions for Diya 

  • The lamp gives light, that is why darkness does not wander around us.

  • The lamp burns only with oil, but oil has become expensive today.

  • The lamp is lit but the light is yet to come into my life.

  • Love has come to me now because on Diwali lamps are lit and in love, we burn with someone else.

  • This Diwali, make Diwali for those who sell ideas, buy diyas from them and give them a great Diwali gift.

Captions for diya pic


  • Some lamps are quickly extinguished, but the matter of earthen lamps is different.

  • Where there is light, there is bound to be happy.

  • The light of the lamp can bring happiness to the whole house, just to see that lamp should be tested.

  • If someone’s heart has to be filled with light, then also light a lamp of love.

  • Whenever I light the lamp, a different positive energy gets absorbed in me.

Lighting Diya quotes


  • Light a lamp in the house and fill the house with light.

  • Whenever I see a lit lamp, a small smile comes on my face and gives me positive energy.

  • If you are angry, light a lamp and just keep looking at it, positive thoughts will come to your mind.

  • A lit lamp also gives a message of peace.

  • Darkness comes in everyone’s life, if you want to remove that darkness, then you have to become a lamp.

Diya captions for Instagram


  • The lamp also burns as long as there is oil in it, then there is a play of lights for a few minutes.

  • A lamp lit even in the dark looks so beautiful, that is why it makes a heart to put a lamp daily.

  • One lamp and a little oil and the darkness will go away, there will be light everywhere.

  • Light the lamp of love, and bring a smile to the face of every human being.

  • Today I have made rangoli of diyas, look how many people have come to see rangoli of my diyas.


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