Quotes On Cleanliness Of Environment | Clean Environment Quotes 2023

Clean environment quotes: After all, when will we be free from this filth, have you ever thought about this? If not then you want to live with this filth and if you want to get out of this filth then you should make cleanliness a part of your life.

What is the importance of cleanliness? Cleanliness keeps us free from diseases, and clean air gives us a feeling of a clean environment, where there is cleanliness, there is peace of mind and only cleanliness is visible to the onlookers, that is why cleanliness is very important in our life.

Through this short clean environment quotes article, we have given you the message of cleanliness, read it completely, and convey the message of cleanliness to the people.

clean environment quotes


  • “This earth is our heaven, only you have to keep this earth clean.”

  • “As we keep our house clean, similarly our courtyard should also be kept clean.”

  • “There is a need for cleanliness and planting trees for a clean environment.”

  • “If the environment is clean then we are safe, that is why it is our ultimate duty to keep it clean.”

  • “Where dirt is seen, everyone should clean it together, it can save our health from getting spoiled.”

Clean And Green Environment Quotes 

  • “If you want to keep the environment clean and green then you should make cleanliness a part of life.”

  • “Do not cut trees, rather plant many trees, this will keep the environment clean and green.”

  • “Cleanliness is the only cure for every upcoming disease, add it to your daily routine.”

  • “It is necessary for all to take a pledge to make the country clean, to make the country disease free.”

  • “Where there is cleanliness there is God and where there is God there is happiness and peace.”

clean surroundings quotes


  • “The filth around you tells how unhygienic you are, it shows what kind of person you are.”

  • “If we all keep our surroundings clean, then the country will always be free from dirt.”

  • “Always put the dirty garbage around you in the dustbin and maintain cleanliness around us.”

  • “If you keep your surroundings clean then people will also think before throwing garbage there.”

  • “The cleanliness of our surroundings can save your health and the money spent on them.”

quotes on keeping the environment clean


  • “Cleanliness is an example of good thinking which keeps a person healthy.”

  • “Where there is cleanliness there is a feeling of heaven which is only in your hands.”

  • “You start keeping the premises clean every day, people will automatically join you.”

  • “Tell people the importance of cleanliness and also tell them the bad effects of dirt.”

  • “If you want pure air then you have to keep the environment clean which is only in your hands.”

Clean environment slogan


  • “Where there is cleanliness, there is a clean and peaceful mind.”

  • “No one even dares to throw garbage where there is cleanliness.”

  • “It will work even if the house is small, but it is necessary to have cleanliness in the house.”

  • “The more importance you give to the cleanliness of your body, the more important it is necessary to give to the cleanliness around you.”

  • “It is our responsibility to keep the environment clean, please do not ignore it.”


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