Short Funny Captions for Instagram Ideas (2023)

Short funny captions for Instagram :

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Short funny captions for Instagram


  • They say don’t try this at home…so I went to my girlfriend’s home!
  • Friday, is my second favorite F word, and the first is what?
  • It is your moment. Please waste it.
  • Winner winner tasteless dinner.
  • I just got that Saturday feeling.
  • Did life give you lemons? Make lemonade then.
  • I…am as useful as the pause break button on the keyboard.
  • Live life king size…While mopping the floor.


Cute funny captions for Instagram


  • Best friends are meant to be humiliated
  • Stress is not found in my wardrobe.
  • Nothing but trouble.
  • No way you cannot be serious.
  • It can’t be as bad as this one!
  • If you are reading this, you should go back to work!

Funny captions for Instagram friends


  • You’re everything I have ever wanted in a best friend.
  • Let’s have some fun in front of the sun.
  • Respect for the house is in the hands of daughters and property papers are in the hands of drains.
  • Everyone must love at once… so that they can know why they should not love it… So
  • Today, in the old GF market… I was about to call her “Hello, when her husband said, “ Let’s go ”….
  • Which soap is good for soap washing?
  • Just like lemon is important in lemonade, similarly insult in friendship is also important.
  • Don’t get so bothered about impressing a girl that you start seeing your brother
  • Arguing with girls means teaching her dad to drive an iPhone.

Very funny captions for Instagram


  • Then the online movie is also a way you can watch your favorite show anywhere and anytime through this watch free movies online.
  • If you want a girl to turn around and see you, then go out from her and say thick to her.
  • This birth has passed, in the next life, it will do good deeds.
  • When you start worrying about someone more than you, then understand that the days of your mistreatment are about to begin.
  • Earlier, the fruit of patience was sweet, but now the fruit of patience is married elsewhere.
  • Yesterday saw the boy beaten in the path, whose status was we stand there where the matter is big.
  • Half the life of love goes out to block and unblock each other.
  • Dear girls, no matter how much makeup you do, children nowadays can tell by looking at a glance whether to speak sister or aunty.
  • If you do not have pain even after listening to pain-filled songs, then understand that you are ready to love again.
  • We were lonely to set the curd of life. The drops got mixed on the way and became the pickle of life.

Funny captions for Instagram couples 

  • If you do not take a 10% battery warning too seriously while chatting with someone, then understand that you are swinging in the middle of the sea.
  • Nowadays the age of Madam of the private school has reduced so much that children look for ways to impress themselves.
  • When I had fallen in love, he told me that this DP is not mine.
  • Most of the men like us who are going on the road, the danger is from those aunties and girls .. who go out to Ph.D. in the morning driving.
  • Girls want 1000+ followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and if a dog, in reality, is followed, then the mother-mother runs away screaming.
  • Girls who threaten to beat their brother on talk…
  • His brothers are living in fear of their girlfriend’s brother.
  • He asked what do you like? How long I kept staring at her friend.
  • No matter how busy a man is… he takes time to see the beautiful girl passing by… he calls it humanity.


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