Pre-Wedding Photo Captions For Instagram | Best Pre-Wedding Captions And Quotes 2023

Friends, today we have written a great article for you on pre-wedding photo captions, which can prove to help give the best captions to the photos taken with your partner before your wedding.

Along with the cold, the season of marriage has also come, which is considered good for marriage, many people get married in this season, but when the boy and girl meet each other before marriage, they must take a photo together. 

Whenever couples do a photoshoot before marriage, it becomes the most memorable moment of life which gets to live only once, so we want to show this photo to everyone, that too with a great caption, so in this article, You will like the written pre-wedding captions for couples.

Pre-wedding photo caption

  • It is my good fortune to meet you, from today you are mine and I am yours forever.

  • You are my first and last love, that’s why you are most special to me.

  • Finally, my wait is over, I have found the prince of my dreams.

  • The smile of both of us is telling that my heart beats only for you and yours for me.

  • Both of us are looking as if two separated lovers of the previous birth have met in this birth.

Best pre-wedding Captions


  • I have captured these moments spent with you before marriage forever in my heart.

  • When I came to you, I felt so relaxed, if I marry you, I will probably get lost in your love.

  • When your hand is in mine, I keep looking only at you.

  • Taking a photo with you was just an excuse, I wanted to look into your eyes.

  • How wonderful is this moment that I am living today?

Captions for pre-wedding photos


  • The moment that happens between before marriage and after marriage, I am living the same with you.

  • How nice it feels when you care for me so much, hold my hand and fill me in your arms.

  • If before marriage we are so happy with you then after marriage we will go mad with happiness.

  • Some moments are such that one gets to live only once in life, they should be captured, be it in the heart of the camera.

  • We both met and the smile on both of their faces is not stopping which is going straight into the heart.

Pre-wedding Captions for couples


  • Ever since I met you, I have been only yours, now I want to spend my whole life with you.

  • A beautiful couple means that they are always happy and in love with each other.

  • We met each other before marriage and we fell in love. Sometimes love happens quickly.

  • I was shy when I met you, but when you looked into my eyes, it became a matter.

  • Maybe we are made for each other because our thoughts don’t match at all.

Captions for pre-wedding shoot


  • My pre-wedding shoot was great as I was very comfortable with him.

  • If there is a pre-wedding photoshoot and if I am not dressed up, then what is the use, these moments do not come again and again.

  • I had to come in front of you dressed up, otherwise, this photoshoot was just an excuse, I just wanted to get you.

  • Some dreams come true, which happened to me, this photoshoot is one of the best moments of your and my life.

  • You are my everything, now the journey of our life starts from here, which I wanted to capture on camera forever, which got captured today.


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