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Friends, today we have written an article for you on jhumka captions for Instagram, which you will definitely like, and you must be wearing earrings.

You know that earrings are the jewel of a woman, and the jewel of a woman is considered to be the highest in India, her status is at the top.

Jhumka captions for Instagram

  • My dearest earrings and I are going on a date today.
  • My earrings are my pride, everything else is useless.
  • If I wear earrings, I don’t even need makeup.
  • If you want to look different then don’t forget to wear jhumkas.
  • I don’t understand whether people like me or my earrings.
  • I still have my mother’s old earrings.
  • Know what is the specialty of long earrings, they make girls sexy.
  • I want only three things in life, lehenga, bangles, and jhumka.

Instagram captions for Jhumka


  • I have the most beautiful earrings in the world that my father gave me.
  • I am happy when I wear long earrings.
  • I rarely wear earrings but when I wear them, I wear them differently.
  • Lehenga, jhumka, and goggles can fill your life with love.
  • We love our earrings, we spend money only on earrings.
  • Nowadays girls follow my earrings, not me.
  • I don’t want earrings of gold, silver, or any diamond, I just want earrings.
  • One time I will forget my boyfriend, but I will never forget to wear jhumkas.

Earrings captions for Instagram


  • Wearing earrings is my style, my style is my identity.
  • I don’t compare my Jhumka with someone else’s Jhumka.
  • I am not fond of wearing expensive earrings, I like to wear cheap and durable earrings.
  • I am fond of wearing earrings, not alcohol.
  • A woman loves her hair the most, but I love my earrings.
  • Every boy dies on my beauty, but I die only on my earrings.
  • Ever since I started wearing jhumkas, I have become a crush on boys.
  • Sometimes I think in my heart that I love Jhumke or my boyfriend the most.

Captions on Jhumka for Instagram


  • Someone praised me for looking hot in earrings but I do not listen to anyone, I am not hot, I am a simple girl.
  • If you wear earrings in the ear, then confidence comes automatically.
  • My heart is broken but I still have the earrings he gave me.
  • Laugh man, I am wearing earrings, tell me how I am looking.
  • Whatever people say, I will wear the earrings.
  • I am always happy, but the secret to my happiness is also earrings.
  • I like to wear earrings whether new or old.
  • One who falls in love with earrings cannot live without earrings.


Beautiful earrings captions for Instagram

  • If you want to be someone’s crush then you need to wear earrings.
  • The secret of my beauty is only and only my lovely earrings.
  • My earrings are my identity, except for this, I cannot live even for a moment.
  • Whether the earrings are long orIn short, it is an example of beauty.
  • Just like a smart mobile, make my earrings smart too.
  • I like earrings so much, I am thinking of setting up a jhumkas shop.
  • My hair may be short but my earrings are always long.
  • Whenever I buy earrings, I bargain.


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