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Breakup Status English whatsapp|Are you broke up and are you sad? So this article is only for you, there are many reasons to be unhappy, someone is unhappy with the problem of home, then someone is upset because of not getting their job, Someone is upset with his job, and someone is upset because of his breakup.

Happiness and sorrow will continue in life Because happiness and sorrow is a part of their lives, it will keep coming and going, but today, if you believe, the maximum boys and girls are troubled by the breakup It is seen that if your girlfriend or your boyfriend has left you or gone and you also sad from the breakup.
we have some breakup status for boys and finest breakup status for you that you will definitely get a little relaxed from it or maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend will also come back. 
So, we have brought some breakup status that you like, check below and select your favorite breakup status and copy it and share it.

Breakup Whatsapp status for boys

Maybe when the time is true you’ll find me again. 

I learned that folks leave, although they need to promise a thousand times that the needs. 

Sometimes, the incorrect choices take us to the correct places. 

People cry, not because they are weak, it’s because they have been high for too long.

Whomever you give more right will break your heart.

Life says don’t ruin me every day for just one person.

Pain happens when we love someone and have someone else in their heart.

Thank you for cheating, I would not understand this world if you were not.

Pain is written only by those who have true love.

I never hate you for not loving me, I hate myself for loving you.

Don’t cry once the sun is gone as a result of the tears will not allow you to see the scars.

I feel to date far from the one I wish to carry in my arms…

One Day you’ll await me But i will be able to Not Come..

I was born the day I met u, lived a short time when u loved me, died a touch once we broke.

Is trying very hard to stay it all at once , but has run out of string and super glue.

It must be really sad to not be ready to do something you’re keen on because the years pass .

I don’t miss him, I miss who I assumed he was.

I hate when people say they miss you, but don’t make an effort to talk to you or see you.

I want you to be FREE, but I can watch you SOAR far away from me.

The CURE of anything is salt WATER – Sweat, Tear, or the ocean .

I am letting go, You let alone an extended time ago, and that I realize that it’s time on behalf of me to try to do a similar time.

It’s not your fault for being there, it’s mine for thinking you would be.

Life does not end with you leaving, but what should we do with this memory?

He didn’t see my thousand goodies just saw one of my mistakes.


Those who play the relationship with their heart only get pain.

You broke away, I broke down in this distance.

We felt so lonely today as if we were buried.

Do not know how my death will be but it is certain that your infidelity will be better.

I was your cure, and you were my illness, I was saving you, but you were killing me.

After Breakup Status 

Breakup Status In English For Whatsapp|Breakup Status
After breakup status

Testing the land before planting a love plant in life.

What have you achieved paradise even after being away, you still live in our hearts.

She wished to save the relationship and that was the reason for my loss.

It takes a lot of courage to smile and live with a broken heart.

someone is forgotten by being unfaithful, no one hides his sorrow by smiling.

If you are happy with my crying then I am ready to cry all my life.

Do me a favor by telling me how to forget those who are broke my heart.


I will leave you one day and leave you in your condition, time will teach you what love is?

Life is brief , there’s no time to go away important words UNSAID.

Sad Breakup Status English whatsapp For Girlfriend & Boyfriend

Now wherever I go I find myself alone, but if I miss you, I smile heartily.

What have you left us, the world left us.

The problem is not that luck betrayed me, I believe on you but not luck.

don’t break your promise don’t play with someone’s heart.

I also have done a strange journey that makes the heart tired but not the feet.

Stop waiting for such people in life, who are happier with others than you.

I do not remove anyone from my life, whose heart is filled, they go away from us.

We have seen heartbeat from very close, we have seen ourselves falling apart from ourselves.

Love is like a falling star, it can’t tell when and how it looks.


Spirit also gets polluted when a love is done not with the heart but with the mind.

Breakup Attitude Status


Breakup Status In English For Whatsapp|Breakup Status
Breakup attitude status

One day you’ll see what you lost, sooner or later I will be able to see what I gained.

Life has to start from that point again where the whole city was ours and you strangers.

To understand love, it is very important for a person to break once.

Heart is in deception and trickster is in heart.

” The hottest love has the coldest end.”

If you cannot save the connection, a minimum of save your pride. 

I may not be perfect, but a minimum of I’m not Fake.

Time has changed, you have changed, the reason for laughing has changed, but the reason for crying is still and only you.

If you have to love someone, do it in the limit or else if you want to be innocent, then you will be shattered.

Sometimes it is better to be alone, it is nobody can hurt you. 

Move On Status After Breakup For Boys & Girls


Breakup Status In English For Whatsapp|Breakup Status
Move on status for boys

Let’s do something new now you are free from deceitful people.

Real love happens when you do something big in life.

Life does not stop no matter how much you call someone after leaving.

If you are going through very bad times then keep going, don’t wait, bad times will pass.

If you do everything with your heart then you will keep on crying, so stay with what you have.

Let’s go to the party with your friends & keep smiling on your face always.

Today we were behind you, tomorrow you will be behind me then I will not even see you.

You never stop moving forward one day you will surely get your destination.

Never hurt anyone, this life will never hurt you.

Learn from your past lessons, upgrade your skill you have, upgrade you & finally upgrade your life with positive vibes.



I hope that you would have liked to read some of the above breakup status because we have written these breakup status from our heart.
I would like to share one thing with you that you should never be sad from this life and yourself, because, in this world no one can be happier than you Just understand this and move forward, the floor will be found automatically.
And finally, if you like my article, then please share with your friends and it is important to laugh in life, So for this you can also check Funny Status article and always smile.
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